A brand of scissor from Scandanavia, preferred by many craftspeople as it is lighter than the clunky old iron ore brands, and is reputedly self-sharpening. (This attribute has yet to be subjected to laboratory scrutiny).

Fiskars® have the reputation as being the most comfortable and reliable scissors. Many people recognize the original orange handles. Today, Fiskars® is responsible for not only scissors, but many other crafting and office products.

Today you can purchase Fiskars® products in many varities:

Sewing and Quilting

straight blade
various scalloped edged blades
rotary cutters
rotary cutting mats


paper crafting
shape cutters
photo crafting


paper trimmers
rotary cutters
portable paper trimmers
various rotary blades
left and right handed scissors


variety of rulers
varying styles and sizes of scissors

Gardening Tools
floral tools
grass shears

Fiskars® not only come in a variety of styles, sizes, and blades but also colors. You can even color coordinate all your cutting supplies. Once an item only die hard cutters knew about, Fiskars® has become a household name, and recognized as quality.

Fiskars® is tradmarked Fiskars Brands, Inc.

Portions of the above information was obtained through Fiskars® website at http://www.fiskars.com

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