Fingal Rónáin, The tragic death of Mael Fhorthartaig. This irish legend is quite a soap, and can be read in full at

The gist of the story:
Rónán mac Aed was a king in county Wiclow (Ireland), married to Eithne of Munster and son Mael Fhorthartaig. Eithne died, and Mael Fhorthartaig thought his father should re-marry.
Rónán married a young chick, daughter of king Eochaid (in county Antrim). The chick had a maid who eventually slept with Mael Fhorthartaig (she's done it on demand of the new queen), but actually the new queen wanted to have Mael Fhorthartaig for herself).

Mael Fhorthartaig left to Scotland for a while, but upon return, he's set up to date with the new queen. Nothing happened, but his father Rónán thought so, and ordered Aedan to kill his son.

Then this not really nice queen returned to her father king Eochaid, and she committed suicide; and Rónán died from a hart attack or stroke. At last Dond, the brother of the chick killed Aedan.
End of story.

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