The third, and, hopefully last of Capcom's Final Fight games. Released for the SNES, it was more of the same, however, being a veteran of the original I do have to say that this one is an improvement.

The plot (if you can call it that) is that the Mad Gear gang, the evil villians behind the first two games, has finally been destroyed. It seems Metro City may be at peace after all, but the remaining thugs start fighting amongst each other, eventually forming a new gang, the Skull Cross.

Meanwhile, Haggar is meeting up with Guy, who has completed even more kung-fu training, they're smalltalking until there's an explosion outside his window. Before they can say anything, an attractive, pixelated woman named Lucia steps in to inform the mayor that something is wrong, and that a riot is going on in Metro City. Haggar, forgetting, yet again, to bring a gun and make things easy, asks Guy and Lucia if they'd like to join him in kicking butt. While Lucia is, apparently, changing into an outfit approiately skimpy for a girl in a video game another guy, Dean, appears and says he can lead them to the Skull Cross gang. Haggar "has no choice" and the four of them dash off to kick major butt.

The rest of the game is the same basic idea, you (and possibly a friend) march around various locales of Metro City fighting an infinite stream of thugs. The implementation, however, is better. Instead of just punching and throwing things, you can also dash and preform some character specific moves, do dashing-kicks, and you have a variety of different holds at your disposal. Like in all Final Fights each character has their own speciality. Guy is fast and rather balanced, Lucia has range and speed, Haggar is big and menacing and Dean is somewhere in between them all.

The game, IMHO, is easier than the original. Most of the bosses are not as insanely cheap as they used to be and most of the thugs have gaping vulnerabilities. All in all, not a bad way to spend a few hours.

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