From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 23. Fillets of Turbot a la Creme

This is a splendid entree of dessert. When your turbot is returned from table, immediately take up the fillets and skin them; you must do this while they are hot, as it will occasion a great waste to trim them when cold. The next day you must scollop your fillets as equally as possible. Have a white cream quite hot; put the fillets into it, keep them hot, and in due time send them up in a dish garnished with a bordering of puff paste, or in a vol-au-vent.

The cream sauce may be made in two different ways: First, if you have Bechamel in the larder, put into a stew-pan three spoonfuls of it, a quarter of a pound of fresh butter, two spoonfuls of very good cream, some salt and a little Nepaul pepper; Mix the whole well, and put either the sauce over the fish or the fish into the sauce, if it is for a vol-au-vent. If you have no Bechamel, put into a stew-pan a tablespoonful of flour, a quarter of a pound of butter, two or three spoonfuls of cream, a little pepper, and a small bit of glaze. Do not let this sauce boil-only heat it till it is thick.

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