From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 32. Fillets of Soles a la Maitre d'hotel

Fillet a pair of soles (but neither cut them nor egg-and-bread-crumb them); rub an ounce of butter into a saute-pan, lay in the fillets, the skin-side downwards, and sprinkle chopped parsley, pepper, salt, and the juice of a lemon over them; Then place them over a slow fire; turn them when about half done (they must be kept quite white). When done, lay the fillets on a cloth. Cut them in halves slantingly, dish them round without a napkin, and place them in the hot closet. Then put ten tablespoonfuls of melted butter and two ditto of white sauce into the saute-pan, with a little more lemon juice and chopped parsley; boil it two minutes ; add two pats of butter, a little sugar and salt, and four tablespoonfuls of milk; pour over the fillets, and serve directly.

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