The Fifth Estate is an anarcho-primitivist 'zine that has been in publication since the 1960's. It is very, very hard to find a copy of this zine, as it is published by people who despise technology. It was started by Fredy Perlman and the Detroit Black & Red Collective in the 1960's. Perlman's theory was as follows: Oppressive civilization was created by tribal leaders creating a waterway system during a drought, to increase crop yield, therefore creating a surplus. This surplus was then sold, creating a profit. To build and maintain these waterways required many hands, thus creating the first wage slaves. This was the first Leviathan.

The Fifth Estate went on to hold some of the finest pieces of writing on the anarcho-primitivist front. John Zerzan got his start in the Fifth Estate. Also, Lewis Mumford wrote countless anti-megamachine essays in this evasive zine.

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