"I hate you," the kid said, "for choosing drugs over me."

"Your dad's a druggie, but you're straight edge?" Peers don't understand. They slip a little something in the teenager's drink.

Grown up reclines in the living room, ignoring the thought of being a parent. Now this child hates this parent.

He's on stage, jamming with the band. His fingers slide across the fretboard with perfection. He's playing better than ever. The crowd roars with excitement as the guitar solo gives him the spotlight. The song is almost over, he's playing the hardest part.

"You rock!" Guitar Hero announces. He saves his process and continues.

The cops take me to the morgue. I commited a crime. I have to identify the victim. I stayed at Tom's house to avoid Mom. Cops give me a ride because Mom apparently couldn't. They reveal the dead body and I gasp. Everything now made sense why Mom didn't come to pick me up.

I checked my watch, midnight. The assigned Berreta was strapped to my thigh for safety. Where was she? I used speed dial to call her. No answer. I peeked into the bedroom window. Still empty. Time's running up before game over. Only one survives in this game. Footsteps close in behind me, game over.

"There's something I need to tell you," she tells me. "Something I've been holding inside for so long now." My friends distract me by name. I ignore them. She tries to tell me again. "I lo-" Wham! Something knocks me out. They ask her what she's trying to say. "I lost her PS2."

"Mom, I have to tell you something," Cassie begins. "I have a boyfriend."

Disappointment covered Mom's face. "You're grounded, what'd I tell you about Earthling behavior?! On Mars, we are homosexuals, not hetero! Wait 'til I tell Ma about this."

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