Born around 434 A.D., Fergus Mor Mac Erc (The Great Fergus, Son of Erc) is considered to be the father of the Scottish royal lines, and thus the father of Scotland itself. He ascended to the throne of Dalriada following the death of his father Erc in 498 A.D., and soon afterward moved the throne to Scotland. It is unknown why he did this, but speculation ranges from trouble in Ireland following his father's death, to the increasing population of the Dalriadic lands in Scotland giving cause to suspect rebellion there. What is known is that when he moved the throne to Scotland, he took with him the Stone of Destiny, also called the Stone of Scone. He died soon after, in 501 A.D. His legacy, however, continues to this day. Being the father of the royal lines of Scotland, his line includes the houses of Alpin, Dunkeld, Bruce, Stewart, and Hanover. These lines turned a small colony in a hostile land into one of the world powers, known today as Great Britain.

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