Ferdukia is a Greek word which means inner peace. It is also the name of a Stomock album which tells the story of a king who has two songs (by proxy) who are born joined at the stomock, then surgically separated. One is left to die in the woods, while the other is raised a prince.

The abandoned boy is taken to America by a friendly woodcutter, where they earn a living whittling quality lawn chairs and back scratchers until the woodcutter goes insane and whittles his leg off after the boy, following an inexplicable yearning in his stomock, leaves home to become a poetry star.

Meanwhile, the prince tortures peasants, family and servants until the yearning in his stomock leads him to leave home as well.

After many adventures, the boys are reunited by an evil surgeon, Dr. Greenpeace, and all is right with the world as they ride off into another groovy sunset.

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