Feeding America is a nationwide charity that is dedicated to helping more than 37 million children and 3 million seniors in need to have nutritious meals. This is one of the charities that is being helped by video gamers on a small team of nine called hoagies, of which my two sons and one grandson are participating in tournaments at quakecon. Quakecon is in its 19th year, and thousands of people attend, as individuals, clans, game developers, vendors or corporate sponsors.

I have learned in the past few days how to navigate and watch livestreaming setup of the three day event, listen to interviews, and then explain this all to my husband. I have received numerous texts, snapchats, snapchat stories (which are essentially videoes) and had to connect a keyboard to the main server today then reboot it, which was a bit more complicated than just pressing a button. I dusted the fans, no extra charge. Fortunately, my older son sent very specific texts from Dallas. Also, for reasons I didn't even ask, had to find and text our home ip, "it will be four numbers separated with dots", to be found on whatismyip.com., which sounded like a website I'd type in, looking for whatever. Easy.

The hoagies team also donates to a local food bank network in Texas. 100% of money donated just for playing video games online. Not too shabby. I will be donating as encouragement for a group of guys who met playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In these days, when some people complain or criticize the simulated violence in video games, it's refreshing to find the next generation doing what they love and helping others who are less fortunate, at the same time.

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