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Read one sentence of a poem and it was enough to make me go write. William Childress. “He spent his childhood hours in a den of rushes, watching the gray rain braille the surface of the river.”

Why do I feel so idiotic talking to Dan sometimes? Why can’t I call Pete to thank him for the cd & wish him a happy damn birthday?

Later, just back from Empire Strikes Back. Blake – annoying. How could you wait 3 years to find out if Han Solo ever gets unfrozen? I called Pete. Couldn’t he have scheduled his birthday for a time when I’d actually want to talk to him? He was surprised I remembered.

edebroux is pissed that Jonna wants her to babysit tomorrow, 12 to midnight, sleep over, go to church with them the next morning. She has a major paper due for Taylor. she’s lying on the bed with arms crossed over her eyes.

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