I want to live in open spaces.

Where the grass is green all year round, the weather is bloomy, but not all perfect. Where the towns are big, but the people are still kind and friendly. Where there are places to go filled with familiar faces. Where one can simply hang out with friends and not have to worry about life. Where sidewalks guide you to lovely sites and nearby shops. Where houses are close, but not too close. Where weekends are filled with fun, but not too much fun. Where long walks consist of a couple friends and grand fields.

I want to live in my dream town, or perhaps my dream city. I want to live the life I've never lived. Where happiness is always in my thoughts. Of course though, this may come later on in life, or perhaps never. Its nice to dream a bit though right?

So until then, I'd imagine myself sitting in front of the ocean with someone I love as we wait for the waves to roll over us.

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