Fearscape is an Australian extreme metal band consisting of Matt Brown (Singing), Peter Willmott (Guitar), Paul Dimitrievich (drum), Phil Bloomfield (Bass). Formed in 2000 from the ashes of a dead christian rock band 'Shattered Delusion', they decided that the only way to achieve more directionless scorn was to pursue a career in metal. They play an eclectic mix of musical genres inspired by the likes of Opeth, Slayer and an unlikely Lamb

They are currently signed to Rowe Productions and playing gigs around Australia.

Inspired by the idea that music is as powerful a means of communication as any, Fearscape have endeavored to express a journey of life and death through their music, bringing them into some extremely progressive musical territory. they tend to incorporate a fair mix of black, death, thrash and doom with classical interludes and wild lead bass.

2004 -Sleeping in Light
Rowe Produdctions
This was their sophomore release. Recorded in a frozen studio in the middle of winter, and engineered by Mark McCormack (previously recorded Pagazus) this Album has a much filler sound, and greatly improved production. There is still some arkwardness and emptyness, but still a solid release.

2002 - Detonator (EP/Demo)
Self financed
Recorded in a basement by a country music fan turned musical hobbyist, this album was surprisingly well received. A mix of metalcore and nu-metal, extremely under produced but still quite fun, and some hints of decent song writing. Looks like an amateur recording, sounds like an amateur recording, but contains traces of something more (probably nuts


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