This node is about a very interesting observation I made while working in the dining hall at Cornell.

As a worker in a dining hall in Cornell University, one of my shifts is "scoop", namely, making milk shakes and scooping ice cream for customers. After working there for a few months, I have noticed something quite puzzling.

We typically have 8 flavors of ice cream available for the customers to choose at any given time. On average, I would say that one or two of them would be fat-free frozen yogurt (which is not really even fat-free, it is just low fat).

I noticed a strange trend here. The vast majority of customers requesting the low-fat variety of ice cream were female. This I am not suprised. However, what amazed me was how shockingly thin some of them were. I could swear one of them is seriously a full-blown anorexic. She must have been less than 80 pounds. And yet, she requests, quote: "A teeny weeny scoop of that fat-free ice cream.". I also notice she never picks up any food in the serving area, except one in a while she picks up a bread-stick. I am genuinely concerned for her health.

On the other hand, the fatty ice creams (they include cookie dough, death by chocolate, and the like, *drool*, I love ice cream) are consumed usually by the fattest customers. With the whole craze about losing weight in America, I would think they would most likely be the people to consume the low-fat type of ice cream. But I was wrong.

This does not restrict itself to desserts. This extends to salad dressings, burgers, sandwiches, drinks, every type of food or beverage possible. It is almost always (almost, not all the time) the thin people consuming the dieting foods and the more big-boned people consuming the high fat foods.

Of course, maybe the larger people need more energy. But the difference in the levels of consumption are too large for that to be true. I will never ever understand why to me, it seems that all the thin people are dieting, and all the fat people are gorging themselves.

Quite a puzzling observation, in your humble narrator's opinion. Especially with the whole weight loss craze thing.

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