A song by Ween, from the album God Ween Satan: The Oneness.

This song has a sort of catchy guitar backup, almost like a blues prompt, that complements the singer's insane ranting about Fat Lenny. Fat Lenny is apparently Gene's friend, who's going to lick the shiläck off the windowsill.

At one point any semblance of scripted lyrics are abandoned, and Gene just begins ranting like a freak in this song. After he does so, though, one scary verse goes as follows:

fat lenny's gonna lick my brain today.
fat lenny doesn't like me anyway
fat lenny said (my friend is) today
fat lenny!

The song trickles to an end with screams of "Fat Lenny!" echoing. It fades seamlessly into the next song on the album.

This song is © 1990 by Ween, Twin/Tone records.

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