This is one of the most popular dishes we serve at work, appealing to both carnivores as well as to the intended vegetarian audience. Quick, simple to make, and hits the spot for the walkers who've returned from conquering the second tallest mountain in the UK.
No two people I've asked have managed to describe the taste the same as somebody else. Personally, I think the pesto gives the dish an almost bitter taste, which is counteracted by the olives and capers, with the mushrooms for substance. But everybody has his or her own description, so my advice is to try it and let me know what you think.

It takes about 5 minutes to prepare, and only a few minutes to put together once the pastas cooked. So, without further ado...


Serves 1

  • Pasta - 90g-100g (Pasta bows are used for the customers, hence the name 'Farfalle', but I use spaghetti personally)
  • Black olives - 5, chopped
  • 5(ish) Capers
  • Mushrooms, 3, chopped into slices
  • Sundried Tomatoes - 4, chopped into slices
  • approx 2tbsp of Pesto

  1. Begin by adding the pasta to boiling water, and prep the rest of the ingredients. The amount of time taken for the pasta to boil varies on what type of pasta you're using, so make sure you know or timing will be all over the show.

  2. As the pasta is midway through cooking, begin to fry the mushrooms gently1.

  3. Now it gets a little hectic; as the pasta is finishing off, add the tomatoes, capers, olives and pesto to the mushrooms to bring the ingredients up to temperature. Once the pasta's cooked, drain well and add all the ingredients together in the pan. Mix thoroughly, making sure that the pesto is mixed evenly.

  4. Serve with a few slices of bread, and enjoy.
NB- jessicaj says: The only thing I'd add is garlic. I can't wait to try this...If you threw it in with the mushrooms it'd meld together, mmm, imminent food orgasm...
The Debutante says: Or use a mixture of oil and butter for frying. Butter for flavour, oil to prevent burning...

As usual, thanks go to j and D for checking and suggestions.

1 I use a small amount of butter to fry my mushrooms in, but olive oil can be used instead, or nothing at all. It all depends on personal preference. -N

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