Far'n Beyond is a melodic metal band from Helsinki, Finland.


To have the ultimate band was in the minds of all our members from the first played and sung note. Everyone of us have been playing in several different kind of ensembles. The story of Far'n Beyond begins somewhere in the summer of 2001.

Jarkko Senne and Jan Hirvonen started to jam together with Van Halen and Lapin Kulta. After alot of beer and Battery Vodka they decided to form a heavy band. Jan had heard a brilliant singer in some gig and asked if Jarkko Siiskonen would join the forces. Jan also asked his long time friend and bass player Jarmo to join the band. After trying few guitar players Senne asked his friend and synthmaster Simo Lindberg to join in at early 2002.

Band started to play Ozzy Ozbourne, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Deep Purple etc. but at some point first song of our own was created.

At the spring 2007 Pasi Nopanen joined the band as a bass player.

Current line-up:
Siiskonen - Vocals
Hirvonen - Drums
Senne - Guitar
Nopanen - Bass
Lindberg - Keyboards

Homepage: www.farnbeyond.net

Music sample: www.mikseri.net/fnb

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