Fantod is a noun that is variously said to refer to a state of nervousness, anxiety, or irritability; to the willies or the fidgets; to a fit or an emotional outburst; and to crotchety or faddish behaviour. A.Word.A.Day notes that the word itself is of unconfirmed origin, but speculates that it could be derived from fantique (a state of anxiety), or be a blend of fantasy and fatigue. It is also used in the plural: the fantods/howling fantods.

It is also a pack of tarot cards drawn by the artist of the creepy, Edward Gorey, and released by Gotham Book Mart of New York in 1995. It consists of a run of 750 numbered and 26 lettered packs of 20 laminated printed cards. Each pack is contained in a box and accompanied by a booklet by a "Madame Groeda Wyrde" (an anagram for Gorey) which explains how to read the deck. The symbols on the cards include The Child (a skeleton), The Waltzing Mouse, and an untitled card of an armless back doll - that is, typical Gorey fare. The booklet advised that though interpretation depends on "the character and circumstances of the person consulting the pack", the events predicted from a reading include such things as "green sickness" and "loss of saliva"; each card also represents a day or month which "should prove particularly calamitous" - all, that is, except that doll without arms, which warns only that

What you most fear
Is coming near.


Fan"tod (?), Fan"tad (?), n. [Cf. Fantigue.]

State of worry or excitement; fidget; fuss; also, indisposition; pet; sulks. [Slang]


© Webster 1913

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