With the controversy over whether Russia -- under the direction of Vladimir Putin -- interfered with the US election, one would think that the split would be between those who believed such interference took place, and was inherently a bad thing, and those (apparently including Donald Trump) who simply don't believe it occurred. But this is too narrow a lens through which to view the possibility. There are undoubtedly some who think Putin interfered, and are glad of it. From the White Supremacist point of view, Putin is somebody to go quite gaga over. He seems to be a purebred specimen of Slavic whiteness, with a White-as-White-can-be administration and polity, governing a country so overwhelmingly White that they manage to find tiny cultural differences within their Whiteness to serve as their points of discord.

Not that there aren't minorities in Russia whom Whites would consider non-White -- and as to those, they would see Putin as having done a splendid job of putting them down. Russia's Muslim groups have been oppressed to the point of rebellion, and then relentlessly slaughtered. The Jewish population remains a suspect class -- though there are some wealthy Jews in Russia, they are unwelcome and they know it, and are especially susceptible to having their fortunes confiscated and their freedom (if not their lives) forfeit. White Supremacists in the US identify as Christian, and surely admire Putin's re-imposition of Christianity (even if in the Orthodox form) over a nation of hundreds of millions. Not like America, where that creaky wall stands between Church and State, in Russia, Orthodox Christianity is now effectively the State religion, and those who speak disrespectfully of it are on the wrong side of laws protecting the faith from criticism.

Oh, and then there are the homosexuals -- presently being literally rounded up and sent to concentration camps. If you're an American White Supremecist, you've got to like that. So before opponents of Russian interference put too much energy into proving that such interference actually occurred, they might want to think about how many would look at conclusive proof of this happening and give it an internal thumb's up.



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