If you don't understand the kidney, this node won't mean much to you.

Fanconi's syndrome is a disorder of the kidney, in which the proximal convoluted tubule does not function properly. Normally, after ultrafiltration, in the glomerulus there are many things in the ultrafiltrate that are useful to the bodies function. Usually these return back to the bloodstream in the proximal convoluted tubul. However, with Fanconi's syndrome this cannot occur, and so many useful things are excreted with the urine.
These include:

Unfortunately, as Fanconi's syndrome can be genetically acquired these losses lead to developmental problems.

As well as being inherited, Fanconi's syndrome can be caused by a number of other things that damage the kidneys, including:

Thankfully, treatment is possible for most syndromes, however it is most important to treat the underlying syndrome.

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