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Publishing house based in the UK, specialising in poetry and drama.

Although the company only took the name Faber and Faber in 1929, the company started out in the first years of the 20th century as The Scientific Press, which published The Nursing Mirror. The owners, Sir Maurice and Lady Gwyer, wanted to diversify into trade publishing and made contact with Geoffrey Faber, who was at the time a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford University.

That resulted in the founding of a company, Faber and Gwyer in 1925, but by 1929, the main partners split, leaving Faber to run the publishing business on his own. He chose the name Faber and Faber, even though he had no partner.

Faber made contact with T.S. Eliot through an old college contact, and Eliot become a literary advisor. Faber published Eliot's work, starting with Poems 1909 - 1925 . Still today, the licence fees from Eliot's Old Possum's book of practical cats (later translated into the stage musical Cats) remain a significant source of income.

By 1929, the Faber and Faber board included Eliot, Richard de la Mare, Charles Stewart and Frank Morley. These people, closely connected with the Bloomsbury set built a profitable and influential list of authors around the brightest minds of the day in English literary society.

The company continues today to publish books based on poetry, art, and works of drama.

Current authors include

Back-list authors include Faber and Faber Ltd. 3 Queen's Square London WC1N 3AU UK

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