FTA is an acronym for Fuck the Army. This graffiti motto was developed during the 1960's as by anti-war protesters in response to the military buildup during the Vietnam War. The phrase was most commonly seen in Vietnam and around college campuses. The concise nature of the statement made it easily to quickly graffiti, while is powerful language let the seriousness of the message be know.

FTA continued to be a popular acronym and graffiti during the late eighties and early nineties with the U.S. Army in Europe. Often drawn in the mud on vehicles during field exercises, it was meant as a 'fuck you' to the brass and other shitheads (Army with a capital "A" opposed to army with a little "a") who were usually fucking with the grunts and other little guys with their usual bureaucratic b.s.

Also known as the Frankfurt Tattoo Assosiciation, a popular G.I. tattoo parlor in Frankfurt, F.R.G. They had clear bumper/windshield stickers that featured the F, T and A in 72 font and the rest of the text in 12 point font. Very popular with the lifers…..Not!

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