Swedish analogue synthpop band Sista Mannen På Jorden's first musical release; a five track EP (on CD) with old material (certain tracks dating all the way back to 1986). It was released on the Subspace Communications label in March 1998, in a very limited edition of no more than 500 copies. The title is Swedish for "First in Space".

As usually with SMPJ most of the lyrics are in Swedish on this EP, the one exception is "Egen Rymddräkt Finnes" which is an instrumental track without lyrics (but instead it has samples from Star Trek!).

"Först i rymden" is a wonderful CD, every track is excellent and there's not a single weak song to be found. Due to the very low number printed, copies are very rare and rather difficult to come by. I once owned two copies, but finally decided to sell one of them for four times as much as I bought it for. That's a sale I still regret.


Track listing:

1. En Blå Planet
2. Sitter Här
3. Jag Kommer Ner
4. Gestapo Bob Harris
5. Egen Rymddräkt Finnes

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