The Montville Stigma-Free Task Force (aka MSFT) in Morris County, N.J. holds an annual art event to raise awareness and encourage hope by displaying art expressing " the complex emotions, experiences and stories surrounding mental health and substance abuse disorders. " Their mission is to shed light or dispel ignorance and prejudice associated with these topics.

Artists must live in the continental U.S.A. Preference is given to Montville Twp. and Morris County residents or elsewhere in N.J. (in that order). Restrictions state work must be 2 or 3D, including but not limited to oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, photography, computer-generated, collage, mixed media, clay, fiber (not to exceed 50 lbs. or 6ft. X 3ft.)

Art must not infringe on the rights of others, depict, contain or represent offensive, sexually explicit or inappropriate subjects. Each submission must include: artist's full name, residence, phone, title and medium plus brief (2-5 sentences) biography and statement how artwork relates to theme. There is no fee but a 5% commission if sold at show.

High-res digital jpeg images of each piece must be sent via email (72 dpi, 1024-1280 pixels horizontally not to exceed 2 megabytes). Maximum display space is 2 3X7 ft. panels or 1 6ft. table. Submission deadline-- midnight 8/5/2018. Acceptance notification-- 9/20/2018. Setup--10/13/2018. Event--10/13/2018, 2-6pm. Breakdown--10/13/2018, 6-8pm.

This is a lot of work for a small window of time, however I feel very strongly about discrimination of any kind, have already started one piece, have several more ideas and hope my health, other projects and prior commitments allow me to do this justice. The 7-day forecast predicts rain and thunderstorms, perfect backdrop and soundtrack.


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