An Advanced Dungeons & Dragons RPG module (Dungeon Module S3). Written by Gary Gygax, the creator of AD&D, this was an incredibly frustrating module in that it consisted of an AD&D party that went out to investigate some strange occurrences (like, say, tentacles) and found what is clearly (to the players) a crashed spaceship. However, since AD&D is fantasy-based, your characters were unable to grok this, and spent their time wandering around this strange metal dungeon wondering why it wasn't made of stone. The near-schizophrenic level of detachment required to play well while holding this maintenance of willful ignorance drove many AD&D players to flatly refuse to have anything to do with it.

Very creative early module for the game AD&D. While a classic dungeon crawl, in practice it was quite inventive. The dungeon is a crashed spaceship, a concept the characters would not have even though the players would. To help simulate the character's lack of technological know how the devices encountered were all oddly designed, usually against the expectations of the players.

One of the first, and strangely enough only, adventures to have a large number of visual aids. The art was pretty good, and in my experience was quite popular with both players and GMs.

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