The expediency factor is cited as the number one reason for the broken political system in the United States by Robert J. Ringer in the Libertarian propaganda book Restoring the American Dream. According to Mr. Ringer, politicians only care about what they need to say to win votes, and for this reason they focus solely on whatever issues are on the minds of the general public at the time. Once in office they need to pander to the groups or individuals responsible for putting them there, preventing them from focusing on the real problems plaguing society at large. These problems require long term planning and consistent action to solve, both impossible under the current political climate.

He goes on to state that the only solution to this dilemma is to vote Libertarian, mostly because of their unwavering dedication to their ideals. Possessing only a cursory education in political science I don't know to what level his claims are valid, but I suspect that most of the book is simply what it initially appears to be, propaganda. Libertarianism can be appealing with it's complete dedication to being pro-choice on all issues, and I can't help but wonder if their system would work every time I look at my paycheck stub and see the taxes being taken.

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