A magical headache medicine. Contains the fun combination of:
250mg Acetaminophen
250mg Asprin
65mg Caffeine

The warning label says "the recommended dosage of this medicine has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee."
Take too much of it and you'll end up with a big hole in your stomach.
Excedrin is good if you want to stay up as long as you can. First of all, it's got a decent quantity of caffeine, but that's not its only plus. The other painkillers will keep your stomach irritated so that you couldn't sleep even if you wanted to. If you are just wanting the caffeine to help you think faster or focus, don't take this, try NoDoz or drink jolt/coffee/whatever. I took 3 the other day before school and was jittering like a maniac and couldn't even feel my own arms.

Oh yeah, and for migraines it kinda works, the pain is still there, but its faded into the background. I find that taking a pair and laying down for 30minutes will have you in a semi-useful state if you need to work or something.

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