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An Everything2 gathering or "nodermeet" is an official gathering of users of Everything2. Nodermeets are formally announced in the form of a node submitted by the nodermeet's host.

A full list of gatherings can be found at E2 Gatherings.

How can I organize a nodermeet?

That is outside the scope of the Everything2 Help file. However, for unofficial advice, we recommend reading How To Organize An E2 Gathering.

Okay, but how should I organize my nodermeet node?


As you will see from the list of past nodermeets, nodermeet node titles are even more flexible than regular node titles. There are no rules here.


As a bare minimum, you MUST include information about:

  • Location. Country, state, county, city and town.
  • Dates and times.
  • What activities noders can look forward to if they attend.
  • Food. Are you eating out? Will food be provided? Or are noders expected to bring some? What about drink?
  • Transportation. How does one get there? Are other noders offering transportation?
  • Accommodation. Many nodermeets run long into the night. Are you offering crash space? Is anybody else? If not, what are your guests' alternatives?

A nodermeet node is a living, breathing thing. As word spreads, noders will /msg you with offers of and requests for food/crash space/transportation. It's your responsibility to keep the main writeup updated and all of your attendees informed.

What not to include

Literally everybody in the entire world can read your writeup, so it is advisable NOT to make any of the following information public:

  • Your (or anybody's) telephone number
  • Attendees' email addresses
  • The precise street location of the meet (unless it's a public place like a pub or whatever)

This is information better sent out to your attendees by private /msg, email and telephone.

Aftermath writeups

After a successful nodermeet, aftermath writeups are usually created by attendees to share their experiences. These should be posted under the original gathering node, or in daylogs-- not under new titles.

Nodermeet nodes are deeply important to the people who make up our little community on the Web. Therefore, they will not be deleted unless their removal is requested or they are seriously lacking in content.

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