1. What is your name?

Tim, AKA e2reneta

2. What is your quest?

To leave this place a little better than I found it, and in doing so, make a difference to a few people along the way.

3. What is your favorite color?


4. How did you discover Everything, and how did you become a noder?

I discovered a link from Lance Arthur's Glassdog.net website to Everything. As maddening as the limitations were for nodes at everything.slashdot.org (the two writeup limit, the whatwasit- 256 character limit for writeups?), I adored it.

5. What do you see as the most significant changes that have happened to Everything over the past decade?

I don't think you can top the changeover from E1 to E2.

The switch to the Zen theme really changed my perception of this place. I never found a design that worked for me. So screw it, I'm a cranky old timer, and I've gone back to the classic water theme settings.

6. What are your favorite writeups -- both your own and from other noders?

My favorite writeups:

Igloowhite's You love these machines. These machines are dead: a love story.

Jet-Poop's My rotting sweetheart

I think I had a mad crush on arcanamundi's Of Gingerbread Houses, and Happy Endings, but it's gone now (the writeup, not the crush).

And of all the stuff I've posted over the years, I still get a chuckle out of:

Yesterday I (supposedly) got a call from Douglas Coupland, How to hold a crocodile, and My church rocks. I like how The Ballad of Sweeney Todd turned out.

7. What are your favorite and least favorite memories from E2's history?

I still get a little thrill recalling the times when the Everything Death Borg would kill me for flooding the chatterbox with "Sweet Caroline." For the record, I was curious to see if I could start a singalong.

When I first saw my name of the Everything2 Top User's List, I was in a giddy euphoric state that lastest about two days. Then, I recalled that Jane Wagner/Lily Tomlin joke, "The problem with the rat race is that even if you win it, you're still a rat." And I quickly lost any interest in moving up beyond 30th place.

Least favorite moment: SEF getting the boot.

8. What keeps you coming back?

Inertia. Seriously. I don't have time to contribute much anymore. But I like to check in and see if any of the old familiar usernames are still around, and what strange new directions the nodegel is pointing in. And despite my decline in ambition, I'm still addicted to the imaginary points awarded by strangers for writing.

9. What do you hope for E2's future?

That the nodegel gaps in Turkish pop music, Mexican television, and Indian cinema get filled in with the smart, funny, and mostly harmless acumen that this site does best.

10. What does E2 mean to you?

It's the first (and one of the few) internet sites that I bonded to enough that I identified with. I've only ever attended one and a third nodermeets, so I don't know how much I'd get along with other noders, but I do feel a sense of belonging to the site.

11. Is E2 a writing site, a community site, an online encyclopedia, or something else? What should it be?

To me, it was always the closest thing we have to The Hitchhiker's Guide to... well... Everything.

12. Who are your favorite noders? Which ones do you miss the most?

It's an interesting question, because the migration of users here to other sites (first livejournal, then orkut (heh), then facebook), means that in some cases I've had online relationships with some other noders on other sites more extensive than I ever did here. So I can't say I miss them when they haven't gone away. And then, thinking back, sometimes my favorites were writers, and sometimes my favorites were personalities. Mostly I miss the ones who gave us smart, pithy nonfiction writeups, put in a couple of good years, and then, well, life called them on to other places.

Still, I'll read and read again everything that riverrun has ever written here.

13. Who would play you in the Everything2 movie?

My wish: Shah Rukh Khan. Reality: Matthew Broderick.

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