1. What is your name?

My name is Lucy A. Snyder; noders know me as Lucy-S.  

2. Tell us something about you, your background, and what you've been up to lately?

I’m a fiction writer; I’ve sold a bunch of poems but don’t call myself a poet. I’ve been writing seriously since 1995 or so; that was after I attended the Clarion workshop. I’ve written some novels that were released by Del Rey. It’s pretty hard to make a living writing fiction, so my day jobs have been an assortment of technical support and editing.

Lately, I’ve been doing freelance medical editing, day job content editing, and writing short stories. My story “Magdala Amygdala” was recently nominated for a Bram Stoker Award and was also picked for Best Horror of the Year (Vol. 5). That makes me pretty happy.  

3. How did you discover Everything, and how did you become a noder?

I was doing a reading at Sam & Eddie’s Open Books in Yellow Springs, Ohio. zot-fot-piq was a friend of my then-roommate’s and he came to the reading. He liked my story, and after the reading he said “Hey, I’m an editor for a site you might like; it’s called Everything2.”

So I looked up the site the next day, and I was pretty well hooked after that. I’d had all these weird ideas for short essays in my head, and there seemed to be no market for them. But E2 was like this crazy RPG I could play by writing anything I wanted to; the freedom in that was very attractive. Better yet, intelligent people would read what I had written and give me useful feedback.  

4. What are your favorite writeups -- both your own and from other noders?

I loved a whole lot of ToasterLeavings’ writeups, and was sad when they got taken down. For myself, my writeup How to install Linux on a dead badger was huge for me personally; it was the start of my being able to turn all the weird humor in my head into writing that would be legitimately published. It’s when things started to finally fall into place for me as a writer.  

5. What are your favorite and least favorite memories from E2's history?

My favorite memories are of the various nodermeets I’ve been able to attend, especially the one down in the Hocking Hills. I had some great conversations with people out on the porch. My least favorite memories involve having attracted a serial downvoter/softlinker that at the time started to feel like cyber-stalking.  

6. What keeps you coming back (or not coming back, as the case may be)?

The people keep me coming back, and the writing.  

7. What do you hope for E2's future?

When E2 was new, nothing else was like it on the web. Since then, many other sites have been developed that present a friendlier, more vibrant place for writers and content creators. I’d like to see E2 evolve to become an even better community.  

8. What does E2 mean to you?

E2 means a lot to me. It was the place where learned my own writing -- not the writing the how-to books told me I should try to write to make it as a professional writer, but the work that is essentially me and nobody else. E2 was also a place I could go to find support and fellowship during a very dark time in my life. For a while, writing on E2 was what I most looked forward to when I first woke up in the morning. Things are much better for me; I have much less need of E2 now, but it is something I enjoy participating in now and again.

9. Who are your favorite noders? Which ones do you miss the most?

My favorite noders include Jet-Poop, wertperch, liveforever, Glowing Fish, Oolong, Tem42, borgo, Transitional Man, iceowl, The Custodian, Demeter, karma debt, JD, shaogo, etouffee, riverrun, kthejoker, smartalix, TheDeadGuy, Templeton, and many others. I don’t know if they’re just taking a break or have officially left, but I also enjoyed the writings of lizardinlaw, Rancid Pickle, Wiccanpiper, DejaMorgana, TheLady, and sekicho.

I miss grundoon and wish I had met her. I also miss ToasterLeavings and Gritchka; Gritchka was particularly helpful to me when I first joined the site.  

10. Who would play you in the Everything2 movie?

Can I get Tilda Swinton? She doesn’t look or sound a thing like me, but her presence in the movie would guarantee a certain base level of awesome. And we all want the E2 movie to be awesome, don’t we?

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