This is a song from Brian Eno's 1975 album Another Green World. The album is an interesting mixture of atmospheric instrumental tracks and Eno's experiments with 'pop' song formats. It must be said that Eno is not a 'pop' songwriter, but to the degree that this experiment led to the creation of some of his better songs, it can be deemed a success.

My favorite song on the album, featuring the most poetic of all his lyrics in my opinion, is Everything Merges With The Night. The song features a slow, strong melody which is drawn along by Eno on electric guitar with a sound that preempts Robert Fripp's now-familiar sustain technique (the most famous example of which appears on David Bowie's song Heroes). The sound as a whole is highly evocative of a hot, sleepless night.

Everything Merges With The Night

I've been waiting all evening
Possibly years I don't know
Counting the passing hours
Everything merges with the night

I stand on the beach
Giving out descriptions
Different for everyone I see
Since I just can't remember
Longer than last September.

Under the volcano
Floats like a cushion on the sea
Yet I can never sleep here
Everything ponders in the night.

We've been talking all summer
Picking the straw from our clothes
See how the breeze has softened
Everything pauses in the night.

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