A song attributed to the great mathematician and comedian Tom Lehrer. This is another song making fun of Thanksgiving. It is not meant to offend. :) The song goes to the tune of Irvin Berlin's "Everybody Step" from the Broadway musical "Music Box Revue". The song does not appear on any album. According to some sources on the web, the song was performed by a quartet on Garrison Keillor's radio program "American Radio Company", during one of the Thanksgiving shows in the 80's.

Everybody eat!
Every niece and every nephew even if you're deaf you'll hear them digest.
Kiddies by the dozen from local zoos
Someone's second cousin but god knows whose.

Everybody feed
For example there's an uncle who when he's drunk'll be a real pest.
And cousin Julia is actin' childish to put it mildish.
Hey you kids I don't know who just did that but it's gross
Then Al begins to smoke and tells a dirty joke when Grandma's comatose.

Oh everybody's swill.
And put up with uncle Gordon video recordin' everyone here.
Now they've all gone away
And we're so happy to say
They won't be back for a year.

Lyrics reproduced with Tom Lehrer's written permission.

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