A suffix-phrase that finds itself appended to various declarations of people's enjoyment, referring to the Cold War era of ideological antagonism. Imagine a hypothetical figure-skating championship at a Winter Olympics, maybe 1982ish. The Norwegian skater did the toe loop admirably and executed the triple lutz flawlessly. At the end of the routine they flourished and the international panel of judges would produce their verdicts:
    Italy: 5.5
    Canada: 5.8
    Finland: 5.3
    USA: 5.9
    East Germany: 3.4
Had the judge from East Germany noticed some error in the performance that the other judges hadn't seen or had deliberately overlooked, or were they merely allowing their feelings towards the decadent capitalist country whose athletes they were ranking to stain through their judicial lack of bias?

To attain a score of, say, 5.9 all around, even from the East German judge! would be a sign that the technical brilliance of the performer completely overwhelmed the ideological reservations they might have had in granting a high score to an athlete from a country following an inferior ideology.

To stick this phrase or some variant thereof to declarations of hot creamy goodness thereby implies that the goodness is unassailably objective - that even someone dogmatically conditionned to disagree with the speaker on every level would still agree on that point, that the City of Lost Children got two thumbs up... even from the East German judge! or that we all really enjoyed the Afghani restaurant... even the East German judge!

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