Eve Bunting was born and educated in northern Ireland. Her childhood was filled with myths and folklore; no wonder she grew up to be a Shanachie.

Eve came to the US with her husband and three children in 1958. They settled in California. Eve enrolled in a writing class at the local college, and has been writing ever since.

Her first book, The Two Giants, was published in 1972. This was her retelling of a traditional Irish fairy tale, "about Finn McCool, the Irish giant, and how he outsmarted Culcullan, the terrible Scottish giant. I thought everybody in the world knew that story, and when I found they didn't - well, I thought they should."

Since then, she has written over 150 other books for kids. She has written contemporary fiction, historic fiction, humor, fantasy, poetry, nonfiction, picture books, and young-adult novels. She says she likes to write books that make young people ask questions. Finding an idea to write about is never a problem - her ideas come to her with a "jolt."

Eve has taught writing at the University of California, Los Angeles, and is on the board of directors of both the Society of Children's Book Writers and The Writer magazine. She lives in LA with her husband, Ed. They have four grandchildren.


The Blue and the Gray
The Butterfly House
Can You Do This, Old Badger
Cheyenne Again
Coffin on a Case
The Day Before Christmas
The Day the Whale Came
The Days of Summer
A Day's Work
Dear Wish Fairy
Doll Baby
Dreaming of America: An Ellis Island Story
Face at the Edge of the World
Flower Garden
Fly Away Home
The Follower
Ghost's Hour, Spook's Hour
The Girl in the Painting
Gleam and Glow
Going Home
Happy Birthday, Dear Duck
The Hideout
How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story
I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert
I Don't Want to Go to Camp
I Have an Olive Tree
I Like the Way You Are
In the Haunted House
The In-Between Days
Is Anybody There?
Island of One
Jane Martin, Dog Detective
Jin Woo
Jumping the Nail
Lady's Girl
Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas
The Man Who Could Call Down Owls
Market Day
The Memory String
The Mirror Planet
Moonstick: The Seasons of the Sioux
The Mother's Day Mice
My Backpack
Nasty, Stinky Sneakers
Night of the Gargoyles
Night Tree
No Nap
Ph Rick
On Call Back Mountain
Once Upon a Time
Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies
Our Teacher's Having a Baby
A Perfect Father's Day
A Picnic in October
The Pumpkin Fair
Red Fox Running
Robot People
Roman Numerals I to Mm
Rudi's Pond
Scary, Scary Halloween
Secret Place
Sixth-Grade Sleep-Over
Smoky Night
So Far from the Sea
Some Frog!
Someday a Tree
Someone Is Hiding on Alcatraz Island
SOS Titanic
Spying on Miss Muller
St. Patrick's Day in the Woods
Stable of Fear
Strange Things Happen in the Morning
A Sudden Silence
The Summer of Riley
Summer Wheels
Sunflower House
Sunshine Home
Swan in Love
Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust
Train to Somewhere
Trouble on the T-Ball Team
A Turkey for Thanksgiving
Two Different Girls
Undersea People
The Valentine Bears
The Wall
Wanna Buy an Alien?
The Wednesday Surprise
Who Was Born This Special Day?
Your Move

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Eve Bunting was born Anne Evelyn Bolton in 1928 to a Protestant family in Northern Ireland. Growing up in Northern Ireland, Bunting had many first-hand encounters with the Protestant-Catholic wars that are all too common in that area. In 1958, when she was 30 and a mother of three, Bunting decided that the religious wars were too much to handle so she and her family moved to the United States and took residence in California.

Under the pen names: Eve Bunting, Evelyn Bolton, and A.E. Bunting, she has published over 200 books for people ranging from toddler age to young adult. The themes and genres of her books cover an expansive range. She has written mysteries, romances, picture books, fantasies, informational books, ghost stories, historical fiction, science fiction, and realistic fiction. However, most people agree that it is Bunting's realistic fiction that draws the most attention of all her work. Most likely, this is true because Bunting writes about what she calls "tender topics." These topics include abuse, abortion, racism, orphanhood, homelessness, disability, surrogate parenting, teenage suicide, divorce, death, and war.

Some critics label Bunting's work as "overly prolific and formulaic." However, many others elevate Bunting's work to a great level. One critic says "many of her works ... are recognized as being among the most substantial in their respective genres and are often noted as the first books on their subjects."

Whether the critics like her or not, Eve Bunting is still a very accomplished author. She has won countless awards including the Golden Kite Award, the PEN Special Achievement Award, the Classroom Choice from Scholastic Paperbacks, Children’s Book of the Year, American Library Association’s (ALA) Best books for Young Adults, Parents’ Choice Award, and the Young Readers Choice Award.

*All specific information and quotations were put into my head after reading Something about the Author."

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