Estacada, Oregon is a small shell of a town. I've always considered it more of a village than a town, which is how it grew the affectionate name eVille among my group of friends. It is located near Sandy, Boring, and Carver. Perhaps it is most well known for being along Highway 224 OR, the last stop before heading up towards Mt. Hood. The entire town is covered by the single zip code 97023, a single phone prefix (503 630-xxxx), and their web site doesn't even follow standard US City conventions. It is located at:

.org? Why not at least .gov, Or even better,, which is actually a huge improvement over their old homepage:

Perhaps the state of Oregon doesn't recognize Estacada: perhaps its an independent community of those who believe it isn't an independent community.

Despite these points, the last couple years have been huge improvements in civilization and popular culture for Estacada: the town now has the following establishments:

So this doesn't become a GTKY Node, I'll skim my personal experience there with just nouns (and some adjectives):

  • Single High School
  • Dominating population of large trucks
  • Sometimes unrelated dominating population of surnames: Olsen and Randall
  • Country music
  • Best connection speed of 19200 baud
  • 25 minute drive to nearest village

I have, however, met some great people in Estacada, few who have escaped the grips of the vortex of such a small town trap, and I remain one of the lucky few, returning only in hopes of helping the poor souls remaining.

If you're on your way up towards Mt. Hood, it might be worth turning your head for a glance.

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