Eppraisals.com (http://www.eppraisals.com) is a company founded by Leslie Hindman to provide fast and accurate online valuations of arts, antiques, and collectibles. The valuations, or "eppraisals", are provided by the Experts Network, a group of nearly 700 experts in 285 categories who subcontract with the company. The site went online in January, 2000, relaunched with a dramatically improved user interface in July (I oversaw the testing for that), and has partnered with Kodak PhotoNet and Yahoo!. The company offers several services--eppraisals (online appraisals of objects), second opinions (expert opinions on the accuracy of online auction listings), expert referrals (list of experts who live in or near a specific zip code), Ask It (a reverse auction where experts bid downward to answer a customer's question), and the Eppraisals Magazine (which also exists in a mobile edition, which I designed). The company as of this moment is the clear leader in the field of online appraisals; it has no significant competition. The company's motto is "What is it? What's it worth?"

PS I just came back to this and noticed "please stop noding websites" among the links below my writeup. However, this is a node for the company, not the website. I believe that since E2 is intended to be a collection of as much knowledge as possible, I haven't been out of line in creating this node, since thisn't an empty, informationless node. That ok?

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