Ensis is a red mage, adventurer, and historian; a Player Character in the RPG known as Dragoon's Birth.

He stands approximately 5'11" tall, 150lbs. He is clean shaven with long auburn hair which is tied back and falls well below the shoulder level. Ensis also sports hazel-colored eyes that seem to always have a bit of fire, a sense of adventure, burning within them. One would suspect, just by looking at him, to be a very healthy and fit human in his early to mid twenties.

Ensis considers his skill with the sword and sorcery to be equal, however, to the trained eye, it is clear that his edge is in swordsmanship. He is constantly energetic, wishing to discover new things, research old legends, or discover deeper meanings within magic or magical artifacts. Ensis is very intelligent, and rarely allows things to cloud his vision.

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