Emmeloord is the largest town of the Noordoostpolder, the north-most polder of Flevoland in the Netherlands. Emmeloord is the center of the dutch potato agriculture and to celebrate this each year the famous pieperfestival is celebrated. The primary landmark of Emmeloord is the poldertoren, a 65m high water tower.

Because it's the main town of the Noordoostpolder, Emmeloord actually has more facilities than most towns of it's size (25000 residents). Right now, however, there are plans to move large parts of the Dokter Jansen Hospital to Lelystad, 30kms away. There is a lot protest against these plans.

The dutch Playboy magazine wrote an article stating they 'thanked god on their bare knees they weren't born in Emmeloord'. As one of these (seemingly) unfortunate people I can assure you it isn't that bad, but I wouldn't like spending my entire life in Emmeloord.

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