Nephew of Jean Tobler; cousin of Theodor Tobler, and co-developer of Toblerone with him between 1907 and 1908.

Not much is known about Baumann's early life; he came to work with his cousins at Tobler & Cie shortly after 1900, and rose to the position of production manager there. His contribution to Toblerone was important: having spent some time in Metz in France, he brought back to Switzerland with him the famous Montelimar nougat recipe, thought to be much superior to other kinds of nougat available in the early 1900's.

This recipe became the basis for the nougat which would eventually be used in Toblerone. For several years Baumann worked with Theodor Tobler on various recipes using this nougat, along with almonds, honey and milk chocolate; finally in 1908 they hit on a combination they thought was so good that in 1909 Jean Tobler went to the Federal Office of Intellectual Property in Bern and patented it, along with its characteristic shape and packaging.

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