An "emergent property" is a synergistic quality or behavior of a system not necessarily predictable from the isolated qualities of its elements, arising as it does not so much from they themselves as from their interrelationships.

E*mer"gent (?), a. [L. emergens, p. pr. of emergere.]


Rising or emerging out of a fluid or anything that covers or conceals; issuing; coming to light.

The mountains huge appear emergent. Milton.


Suddenly appearing; arising unexpectedly; alling fro prompt action; urgent.

Protection granted in emergent danger. Burke.

Emergent year Chron., the epoch or date from which any people begin to compute their time or dates; as, the emergent year of Christendom is that of the birth of Christ; the emergent year of the United States is that of the declaration of their independence.

-- E*mer"gent*ly, adv. -- E*mer"gent*ness, n. [R.]


© Webster 1913.

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