EMBRYONS DESSECHES (dedicated to Suzanne Roux)
(from Piano Music of Erik Satie Volume 3)

      I d'Holothurie (June 30, 1913): The uninformed call them sea cucumbers. Holothuria usually creep about on stones or rockpiles. Like cats, these marine animals purr; in addition, they spin a disgusting silk. The influence of light seems to disturb them.

      II d'Edriophthalma (July 1, 1913): Crustaceans with sessile eyes, that is to say without stalks and immobile. Very sad in disposition, these crustaceans live, remote from the world, in holes pierced through the cliffs.

      III de Podophthalma (July 4, 1913): Crustaceans with eyes on mobile stalks. They are cunning and indefatigable hunters. They are met in all seas. The flesh of podophthalma is a tasty food.


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