Elsinore, or rather Castle Elsinore, is the historic setting for the majority of the scenes in William Shakespeare's Hamlet. It is supposedly where the King of Denmark resides in the play.

Elsinore is also, coincidently, a City in Denmark. It is on the eastern coast of Zealand, on the point of the Øresund (the Sound) closest to Sweden. It was used as one end of a ferry crossing between Europe and Scandinavia for about 700 years.

It is generally accepted that the castle that the Bard based Elsinore on is Kronborg Castle, which is, of course, in the city of Elsinore (some say it "Helsingør", apparently). It seems competely feasable that Willy got the name of the City and the Castle mixed up -- or that he understood the value of 'names changed to protect the innocent'.

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