The elephant woman sits here sometimes, head in hands, hands in pockets, she wouldn't like the looks of you. Her clothes are plain and her hands are worn. Your soft spoiled hands would bring sickness to her heart. For your hands hold enough grime to last a lifetime. Hush now. Listen.

"When I was young my father would carry me on his shoulders. Then they carried him across the sea to a foreign land to kill loved men. He now fertilizes Forget-me-nots, as we all will someday".

"I let my father's spirit rest and fell in love with a beautiful man. Then they took my lover from me, to kill other beautiful men. He left my arms a man and came back a broken little boy. Although he lives above ground, he died long ago".

"Now I hear on TV, my window into hell, our president pushing war, like some exotic drug. Will my sons also leave me? I will not have my children sent back to me in a box. No mother should ever have to get that letter". "I was born a weary traveler, and as such shall I die. But child you must remember, an elephant never forgets".

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