I guess enlightenment is in order for an awesome role-playing experience I discovered on the internet about 2 years ago... The Electronic Federation, also known as the E-fed.

Whilst at work one summer day, I was approached by an excited co-worker. He began blurting out how cool this new game he found on the internet was. I calmed him down a bit, and he explained in a bit more detail. After his explanation, I thought to myself, I gotta check this out.

Now, this co-worker was a huge professional wrestling nut, and he had found a wonderful retreat for those of us who always wanted to be wrestlers, but faced reality. Now our dream had come true.

An internet "society", if you will, devoted to fantasy wrestling. A haven for you to create the wrestler you always wanted to be, and the stories you always wanted to write.

The common E-fed requires only one thing: Imagination. The more you realize that it's just a game, and it's there to have fun with, the more you will have fun, and the more you'll want to continue doing it.

I've been a faithful E-fedder for about 2 years now, and I don't think I'll ever quit... at least, not for too long.

And, hey, for those of you whom I've sparked interest within, here is a procedure for entry into an E-fed, as well as a couple of tips to keep things friendly and fun.

  1. Find an E-fed that looks fairly reputable. Remember, looks aren't everything. Scout around a bit, and look at the quality of site management, and quality of roleplays (rp's) by the E-fedders.
  2. When satisfied, look for their entry application. Usually, you will just have to fill out a simple form, containing your fantasy wrestler's vitals, as well as a few trademark moves, and sometimes a bio.
  3. Send it in, but wait for entrance confirmation. If you don't get a response in a couple of days, ask permission to roleplay before you jump in. Politeness helps.
  4. Once you're in, be the character. Give him a situation, or a target, and go after it. Just don't rip off real wrestlers too much, or you will most likely get kicked out. Originality is key.
That should be enough to get you started. Just remember:

  • It's just a game. People try to piss off your character, not you. Have fun with it, and see if you can get their character back. Friendly competition, right?
  • Don't cry over losses. People hate whiners, and you will most likely lose future matches because of it.
  • Obey all site rules. They may differ from fed to fed, but make sure you've read and understand them first. Disobeying or breaking rules is the quickest way to leave the E-fedding world...

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