A 1-player sci-fi action/strategy game by Epyx for the Atari Lynx.

It's June, 2059 in Washington, D.C. and you're a robot cop. Not just any robot cop, you're Electrocop, the best there is. You have a powerful body and the best analog brain money can buy. You can also access any computer in the world. Your boss orders you to do whatever Megacorp, the world's largest corporation, wants.

Megacorp tells you that an evil robot has kidnapped the president's daughter and stolen some very important government secrets. They believe the robot is hiding out on level 5 of an old Megacorp research and development building.

The evil robot thinks this building is secure because it believes it's the only one with network plugs for the whole building, but you also have a set of plugs. Your duty is to find and destroy the enemy robot. You have 1 hour to succeed.. or die. Good luck.


Yellow Jacket - Fast walker that has light armor and causes damage by contact.
Blue Bird - Slow walker that has light armor and shoots a low power laser.
Viper - Slow walker that has light armor and shoots a high power laser.
Red Disruptor - Walker that has light armor and a high power field disruptor.

Jumps around and infects floors.

Floats in place then blows up when enemy is near.

Disarms enemies by shooting them with an antimatter cannon.

Wall Cannon:
A wall mounted plasma rocket launcher.

Hides under the floor until an enemy is near and then launches mortars.

Laser - low power, fast recharge, moderate armor
Twin Laser - medium power, moderate recharge, moderate armor
Tri Laser - high power, slow recharge, moderate armor
Plasma Gun - high power, no recharge, light armor
EMP Disruptor - very high power, very slow recharge, light armor

On accessing terminals:
Throughout the game there are terminals in the walls that allow Electrocop to run helpful programs:

Ice Breaker - Critical program Electrocop installs on the terminal to crack the code to a locked door.
Stasis - Electrocop installs this program on the terminal to temporarily disable robots. It can be run once on each terminal.
Med-Pack - Repairs damage Electrocop has taken.
Weapon Repair - Repairs any damage Electrocop's weapons have taken.

Mini-games - If you've already explored the level and don't want to leave an area in case you forget your way back, you keep occupied by playing one of the three mini-games installed on every terminal while you wait for Ice Breaker to crack a door code. Sometimes Ice Breaker can take a while. The 3 mini-games are:

Meteors - A cheap, but fun and challenging Asteroids clone.
Letter Puzzle - A sliding picture puzzle game.
Out Break - A Breakout clone.

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