Those who believe I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One is the best album on earth can continue to do so and leave me alone with this underrated beau. Issued in 1995 by Matador Records, Electr-O-Pura is purely electrifying and purely Yo La Tengo. I believe this is the best that they can get.

After their first experiment with noise infused rock through Painful, Yo La Tengo figures out the formula of "the" album that utilizes the perfect feedback sound cushioned with therapeutic ballads. This is almost a manic depressive album held together by polar opposites like freakishly noisy Attack On Love and sweet Pablo And Andrea; but the highest point is when Georgia Hubley starts mumbling around the fourth minute of Blue Line Swinger. I believe I have an eargasm everytime I listen to this song.

When Georgia is leading the vocals, you can almost see the traces of My Bloody Valentine that had infected her soul. She is perfect in Blue Line Swinger, uttering unidentifiable words in a voice as sexy as the fresh sweat of the loved one. (Straight Down To The) Bitter End, a pop melody morphed into an ectasy with Ira Kaplan's signature random feedback, a little bit of James McNew's murmuring and her straightforward vocals is equally beautiful. How can you not love a woman who can sing this dreamy while playing the perfect drum beat? She also designed the album cover, so you'd better love her twice.

No E2 album writeup could and should end without the complete tracklist; so I must obey this unwritten but informally enforced rule. By the way, the track lenghts written on the back of the album are deliberately inaccurate; and one sentence notes for each song were randomly taken from a book called The Blues Project. What a mess! All Ira Kaplan's fault


1. Decora
2. Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
3. The Hour Grows Late
4. Tom Courtenay
5. False Ending
6. Pablo And Andrea
7. Paul Is Dead
8. False Alarm
9. The Ballad Of Red Buckets
10. Don't Say A Word (Hot Chicken #2)
11. (Straight Down To The) Bitter End
12. My Heart's Reflection
13. Attack On Love
14. Blue Line Swinger


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