The alter-ego of Quick Draw McGraw, of old Hannah-Barbera cartoon fame. El Kabong is essentially the same as Quick Draw, with a few exceptions. First, El Kabong wears a mask and a black hat. Second, he has a guitar with which he hits people while yelling, "KABONG!" at the top of his lungs (hence the name). Third, El Kabong is often seen swinging into or out of a scene on a rope, unlike Quick Draw. Otherwise, he acts exactly like Quick Draw.

In other words, El Kabong was an extraordinarily lazy parody of Zorro.

"El Kabong" is also the name given to an unusual pro wrestling move in which a performer hits another one over the head with a guitar.

The first instance of this was Honky Tonk Man braining Jake "The Snake" Roberts with a guitar by bringing it down on the top of his head exactly like Quickdraw McGraw did in his El Kabong alter-ego. Depending on who you talk to, it was either the beginning of the downfall of Roberts who claimed that the guitar caused vertebra damage and resulted in Roberts needing to take painkillers which led to his drug addiction. On the other hand, Honky maintains that the guitar was so gimmicked that he was holding it together before swinging it for fear of it falling apart. It was NOT called El Kabong at that time, but it was the first instance of guitar as weapon.

WWF and TNA star Jeff Jarrett had a "country music" gimmick and decided to swing a guitar around as a weapon, only having learned from the incident with Honky and Roberts, they made sure the guitars were basically made of rice paper, and filled with talcum powder so they'd explode with some visual gusto.

ECW star New Jack was the furthest thing from country music you could get, but he decided to mock the whole affair by pretending to strut with a guitar, and then using it to crown someone. In both sets of cases, the move was branded the "El Kabong", in honor of the alter ego of Quickdraw.

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