Daytrip to Eugene, Oregon. Backseat of Bodhi's mother's van with Mac. Shortly departed from a car wash, looking for new entertainment aside from harassing people in adjacent cars. Dinosaur book on the floor. Who doesn't like dinosaurs? Flipping through the book we happen upon a dinosaur that we have never seen before: Edmundosaurus; his caricature depicts him as the lovable dork of dinos. With such a harmless and dopey look on his face, he will be my favorite forever. He is not popular among dinosaur books, he is shunned by the world, but I still love him. More precisely he is Edmontosaurus (but that is not nearly as fun), a plant eating dinosaur with more than 1,000 teeth that was discovered in Alberta, Canada. Our mission, bring Edmund to the world.

Edmund lives in the desert. He has found a home in the passenger seat of my car. When he finds someplace interesting (but not too populated, as he seems to be a bit shy) he visits and stays. He seems to enjoy the heat, the pollution colored sunsets and the pseudo mountains of Arizona.

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