Deleted Users: zero. No, not zero noders, I mean the user called "zero"!

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in workers. 'Twas plural. Moved the writeup to the singular writeup and deleted the plural nodeshell.

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in whales. Plural again. Moved it to the singular node, deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: writeups by Jet-Poop and BigCujo in waitresses. Plural again. Mine wasn't good enough to be moved. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: writeups by Gau and Jet-Poop in Stalls. Gau's writeup was included in another writeup in stall; it was deleted without penalty. Mine was killed without mercy, but the writeup was moved to the singular node. Also deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in toddlers. Again, moved it to a singular node and deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in the oceans. I was filling a nodeshell. While fairly informative, I didn't feel that it was a particularly important writeup, so I let it die.

Titles Edited: I changed several of my nodes from plural to singular, if there wasn't already a singular node. Ahem.

Killed: writeups by Anonymous Sniper and s_alanet in Thou shalt not stop N-Wing from using HTML.. They were at -10 and -7. Sniper's said: "Might one put a funny remark here in stead of stopping N-Wing from using html ? Nay, you say? too late. PS - im being funny. this is intended as a joke." Thanks for the PS. I never would have realized that you meant that load of ineptitude as a joke. Anyway, s_alanet's writeup was completely blank. Deleted the nodeshell.

I have a migraine. I will be witty when it is convenient.

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