Before bothering with this, check out What is the plan? - March 2017 by jaybonci if you haven't already. It's exciting to see this kind of real progress being made, and to know that there are plans for e2 to get modernized, and hopefully to become bigger and better. jaybonci is underselling the amount of effort he's putting in here: I count 135 separate code check-ins on GitHub starting on March 11th, which is better velocity than I get out of some coders who are paid for their time! Please make sure you express your appreciation to him.

The transformation of the recipe nodes took a back-seat because I had my employer's software release project to focus on, so there wasn't much time for me to muck about here. Last month I had completed Muffin, Scone, Biscuit, Roll and Bun Recipes and Pie and Tart Recipes. I hope to get back to that work in April.

I did promise to follow up Lucy-S' request to clean up dangling e2 references to SFF Net which goes offline forever at the end of March. This turned out to be no more than a double handful of nodes (based on a search for to which I appended an Editor's Note providing an updated URL for the cited reference, where possible. Most author sites transitioned and were easily findable, but some of the deeper content links had gone missing. In all cases, particularly where long-fled noders were involved, I left the original writeup content and reference intact and just appended to the end of the writeup. See Explosive Decompression by HongPong for one example.

I admit to having done a tiny bit of guerrilla HTML formatting of particularly ugly things that turned up during normal operations (which is to say, following soft links and doing general e2 mop up). Not changing anyone's words or even their egregious typos, mind you, just fixing old massive blocks of text nodes that desperately needed to be introduced to the <p> tag. And no, I wouldn't do that to a noder for whom 'alternative format' has been consistently demonstrated as their personal style (hello, Pandeism Fish).

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